I bought this for the gimmicky reason and brought it to my friend's house for the premier. I also bough a bunch of other saisons because it was what I was in the mood for this week. I'll start off by saying it was pretty good beer and I know I shouldn't expect it to strictly adhere to the style if it's called a… » 4/15/15 8:23am Wednesday 8:23am

When I was ten years old, I visited my Aunt and Uncle who were stationed in Frankfurt. We were watching one of the two English channels which was showing cartoons, when, without warning, it just changed over to two people having sex. I saw penetration and everything. My parents were very skeptical that it just "turned… » 4/09/15 2:08pm 4/09/15 2:08pm

When I was working at Best Buy in the computer section, I was wandering through the computer section and asking people if they needed any help when I see a kid hunched over a computer right in the middle of the aisle. Even though kids like this usually just want to play games and they never really want anything from… » 4/02/15 4:23pm 4/02/15 4:23pm