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"Oh yes."
My girlfriend flicked on the lights as I muttered this. My eyes shot up from the dimly lit screen in shock. Looking at me wrapped up in my comforter, my girlfriend stood in the doorway as I froze like a deer when it sees an eighteen wheeler.
"What in the hell were you doing?" She asked, pronouncing every syllable slowly.
"Uh.nothing." My reply fell dumbly into the room.
"Were you watching porn?!"
I couldn't even say no. She had caught me watching last night's episode of Top Gear. Between the Alfa Romeo 4C and the McLaren P1, the second episode of Top Gear's twenty first season should be labelled NSFW. Even my girlfriend, who does like cars but never expresses too much interest, gasped when the McLaren slid into the frame. Both cars show that the future for sports cars is still bright despite emissions standards and diminishing fuel supplies. Both cars show that carmakers can and will adapt beautifully.

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The Alfa Romeo is definitely the best looking car in its price and class. It looked amazing in the classic Italian sports car red, and it looked sharp and nimble as Hammond piloted it around the tight roads. Despite Hammond's concerns about the build quality on the inside, it's still the car I would have because it is unmatched in looks and it seems surprisingly nimble. The only thing I would change on it would be those headlights, but we were all thinking that.
When McLaren first released the MP4-12C, it was praised for the technological marvel it was, but no one was calling it "pretty." Now with the P1, they've designed a car that has the looks to match its incredible performance. Seriously, what do you say about this car? I know Clarkson is usually prone to exaggerate his opinions, but I have never seen him so truly stunned.

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The best part about last night's episode (besides the O.K. I got from my girlfriend on buying a 4C if Alfa does actually get some to the U.S.) was that it showed that technology is starting to catch up to current trends. Cars have been getting bigger, heavier for a long time now as power became easier to produce, but I think that the 4C and the P1 mark the shift back to smaller, simpler sports cars. It's nice to see that economic cars will still be able to get your blood pumping.


Photo Credits: 4C by Motor Authority and P1 by the amazing GF Williams

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